A Father’s Legacy

Joshua 14:6-14

Every father makes the best efforts to leave an inheritance or legacy for his children. On his 85th birthday, Caleb received the land of Hebron as an inheritance for himself and his descendants (Josh.14:13-14). However, Caleb’s life testifies that he left more than land for his children. He left a legacy of having the spirit of God in him and wholly following God with all his heart (Num.14:24; Josh.14:8, 14).

We may leave houses, lands, money, and businesses for our children. But, without God in their lives, these things will not profit them. Our children can gain the whole world and lose their souls (Mat.16:26), if we don’t lead them by example to follow God fully.

From Caleb’s life, we can learn the following virtues he left as a legacy for his descendants:
1. Faith in God’s Word and promises. As one of the 12 leaders who went to spy out the Promised Land, Caleb walked by faith in God’s promise, and not by the sight of fortified cities and giants (Num.13:27-30). His faith guaranteed him an inheritance in the Promised Land. Faith casts out fear.
2. Encouraged the people to trust in God because He is able to fulfill His promise (Num.14:8).
3. Discouraged the people from rebelling against God (v.9). God equates the sin of rebellion with witchcraft (1Sam.15:23).
4. Loyalty to God’s servants. Caleb was loyal to both Moses and Joshua and submitted himself to their leadership as unto God (Josh.14:8,12).
5. Aimed for the highest, even though it was difficult to attain. Caleb asked for the mountain where the giants lived. By God’s power, he drove them out and took the land according to God’s promise (Josh 14:12, 15:13-14). Do not take the easy path.
6. Caleb enjoyed benefits for following God fully. According to Psalm 103:2-5, these include forgiveness, healing, deliverance, long life and renewed strength. At 85 years old, Caleb was as strong as he was at 40 (Josh. 14:10-11).
7. Caleb was generous. Believing that he was blessed to be a blessing, Caleb generously gave his daughter and her husband springs of water, a very important resource in those days, which he could have kept for himself (Josh.15:9).

May the Holy Spirit empower us to follow God fully, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. May you continue to enjoy the benefits of walking by faith in God’s promises, and may He bring you into your promised land by His power, in spite of the giants you face. Blessings!