You Can Experience Your New Beginning Now!

Revelation 21:1-5
In our passage, God shares a picture of the new heaven and the new earth with Apostle John. Their characteristics include:
1. The new Jerusalem adorned beautifully as a bride for her husband.
2. Dwelling in the presence of God.
3. Tears wiped away.
4. No more death.
5. No more sorrow or crying.
6. No more pain.
7. All former things have passed away.
Because we all have this vision of heaven, we sometimes think that we cannot experience the new life and miracles described above right here on earth.
In John 11, when Jesus told Martha her brother would live again, her response was: sure, he will rise again, but at the final resurrection when Christ returns (v.24). However, Jesus told her that all who believe in Him can live again on earth even if they die, and her brother was going rise from death that very day.
So when God promises us a new beginning with all its blessings, it is not only set for the last day or a distant future. We can experience a new miraculous beginning here on earth, even today, if we believe in His power to make all things new!
1. He will bring beauty out of our ashes make everything beautiful in its appointed time (Is.61:3; Eccl.3:11).
2. We can live in God’s presence here if we repent of our sins and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. He forgives us, cleanses us, and comes to live in us through His Holy Spirit (Jn.1:12, 14:23).
3. Though He weeps with us, by His power He will wipe away all our tears as He did for Mary and Martha and the widow of Nain by raising their dead to life (Jn.11:43-44; Lk.6:25, 7:14; Is.30:19).
4. God will deliver us from spiritual and physical death, especially untimely death, by His power (2 Cor.1:10; Ps.23:4, 118:17).
5. God will take away our sorrows and restore us to joy and gladness (Is.51:11; Jn.16:22).
6. Jesus took away our pain and sicknesses and gave us healing and new health. By His wounds we were healed (Mt.8:17; 1Peter 2:24).
7. He takes away our old stories and gives us a new song (Ps.40:3; Job 35:10).
Yes, we do not have to wait until Christ returns or the last day before experiencing our new miracles. If only we believe, and take away every stone of doubt, fear, anxiety or unbelief, we will see the glory of God. We can experience a new beginning in our spiritual lives through salvation, in our health, marriages, businesses, studies, careers emotions, and critical situations by God’s power. He will cause the old in our lives to pass away and make all things new in us, right here on earth. Our miraculous new beginning will draw people to Christ (Jn.12:9-11). Nothing can destroy the miracle. You will also sing a new song! Blessings!