Completed For God’s Glory

John 9:1-9
God’s Word assures us of His power to complete everything He starts. In our passage, Jesus and His disciples encountered a man born blind. Though the man was born with a defect, God created him fearfully and wonderfully with great skill without any defect (Ps.139:14-15).
So how come he was born blind? Jesus explained that though God plants good seed, the enemy comes to sow tares to corrupt the good seed (Matt.13:27-28). It happens in marriages, churches, relationships, businesses, and in our children. The devil makes it look like God did not complete what He created or gave us a defective blessing. The devil does it so we would distrust God and not appreciate the good things He faithfully gives us. So why does God allow it? Is it to punish us for a sin we committed?
Jesus said God sometimes allows us, our children or even the church to go through problems, sicknesses, fire, storms, attacks, etc. so that the works of God would be displayed in us. In our difficult circumstances, God displays His power to
1. Turn evil into good.
2. Heal sicknesses, diseases, minds, broken hearts and relationships.
3. Calm every storm.
4. Make a way where there’s no way.
5. Overcome demons and other wicked spirits.
6. Glorify Himself in the solution He provides.
7. Use our testimony to draw people to Himself.
In order to experience the works of God in our lives,
1. We should refuse to accept our situation as a permanent God-given feature of our lives. Rather, we should expect and trust God to turn the situation around and restore us to His original good plan and purpose.
2. Obey His plan of action without complaining or disputing (Phil.2:14-15). Jesus mixed his spittle with clay, put it on the blind man’s eyes and told him go and wash them in the pool. The man fully obeyed without any questions or complaints, and returned with his miracle of seeing eyes (John 9:6-7).
As we trust God to turn our situations around and obey His plan of action, His works of healing, deliverance, revival, renewal, and restoration will be displayed in our lives, our children, our church, businesses, studies, and relationships. The zeal of the Lord will perform it! Shalom!