Come Before Him With Worship

Psalm 89:5-18

Worship is an act of honor, praise, and reverence with which we come before the presence of God. God created everything for His worship, because worship points to who God is and His mighty works. There are three levels of worship to God:
1. *Angels:* God created angels and the heavenly hosts who worship Him day and night (Rev.4:8-11; Ps.89:5-6).
2. *All Creation:* Everything God created: sun, moon, stars, animals, birds, etc, all worship the one who brought them into existence and sustains them (Ps.89:8-12, 148:1-10).
3. *The Redeemed:* The joyful sound is that Jesus saves (Ps.89:15). Those who are saved, worship God for His love, might, faithfulness, righteousness, and justice (v.5, 7-8, 14-18). Their lifestyle is an expression of worship to God (Ps.89:7). They worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24), as they’re filled with God’s Word (Col.3:16).
When we worship God, we receive lots of benefits:
1. The longing of our souls to worship God is satisfied (Ps.63:1-5).
2. Worship keeps our focus on God, instead of our problems (Is.26:3).
3. Worship prepares us for prayer. Worship magnifies God above our storms and releases the Holy Spirit, who helps us to pray (Rom.8:26-27).
4. Worship draws us closer to God and builds our relationship with God (James 2:23).
5. Worship brings victory (2Chron.20:15-20).
6. Worship breaks chains, opens doors, and brings deliverance (Acts 16:25-26).
7. Worship releases rain from heaven on us to revive, nourish, and make us fruitful.
May God release all these benefits into your life as you continually come before Him in worship. Blessings!