The People Who Know Their God …

1 Samuel 17

Daniel 11:32b says that “the people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits. An exploit is a bold or daring feat, action, achievement, accomplishment, or victory. In our Year of Maximum Impact, God wants us to do great exploits, and by knowing God better this year, we shall be strengthened to do them.

We need to be strong because fear, anxiety, intimidation, can paralyze us, taking away our strength to do exploits.

In our passage, we see a giant named Goliath who put fear in the army of Israel in 3 main ways:

1. His person (v.4). Goliath was taller than anyone who ever lived (9ft 6ins). Sometimes the situations and problems we encounter look bigger than the ordinary, putting fear in us.
2. His armor/weapons (v.5-7). Goliath was fully protected and well armed. Sometimes sicknesses and issues we face look so formidable that we don’t see any way by which to overcome them.
3. His words (v.8-11). Many times words we hear from doctors, teachers, supervisors and other people around us are so threatening that it puts fear in us, paralyzing us from taking action.

But David knew his God through longing to be in His presence (Ps.63:1), worshipping, praising Him, and meditating on His Word. So when

David saw Goliath, his knowledge of God empowered him to counter his threats.

1. His person: he was small compared to Goliath, but Goliath was even smaller compared to the God of Israel (v.42, 46).
2. His armor/weapons: he did not carry human weapons like Goliath did, but spiritual weapons that are mighty through God to destroy every enemy (v.45). He was also protected by God Himself, so no weapon formed against him would prosper (Is.54:17).
3. His words: David countered Goliath’s words with a testimony of God delivering him from a lion and a bear (v.37). By that testimony he overcame Goliath (Rev.12:11).

Even his brother Eliab tried to discourage him from fighting because he was not fit to do so (v.28), but because David knew his God and what He could do through him, he was able to convince king Saul that he could kill Goliath.

David selected 5 smooth stones, which represent 5 spiritual weapons every Christian has:

1. The name of Jesus at which every knee must bow (Phil.2:9-10), including Goliath’s knees.
2. The blood of Jesus by which we overcome every power (Rev.12:11).
3. The Word of God which is our spiritual sword (Eph.6:17).
4. Prayer, by which we enforce heaven’s decisions and victories on earth (Mat.6:10).
5. Praise, the weapon by which we execute vengeance, bind kings with chains and execute judgment on our enemies (Ps.149:5-9).

These weapons used individually or in combination can bring down any giant we face: sicknesses, demonic and witchcraft attacks, failures, disgrace, or lack. David threw one stone, but it was enough to bring down Goliath because God pushed it through Goliath’s armor into his head. Ours is to use the weapons against what we face, God will perform the killing, deliverance, and healing.

As we fast and pray, take up your spiritual weapons and fight against the sicknesses, problems, issues and demons you face, and you’ll overcome them by God’s power. May your victory, achievements, healing, success and breakthrough impact your life, health, marriage, children, business, career, studies, finances, ministry, the church, the nation and the world. You are destined to make maximum impact in 2020! Blessings!!