It’s Time To Soar, Like An Eagle!

Isaiah 40:27-31

The story is told of a farmer who found an egg of an eagle and placed it among chicken eggs under a mother hen and were hatched together. Because the eagle grew with the chicken it didn’t realize that it was different.
Many times because we don’t know who we are and the God we serve, we live without hope, feel neglected, abandoned or forgotten by God (Isaiah 40:27). But if we know our God, we’ll realize that no matter what we go through, He who made Christ to die for us will never get tired of loving, us, caring for us, protecting us, strengthening and empowering us.
In such difficult times, depending on our own strength will lead us into fatigue, failure, depression, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness.
The turnaround comes when we begin to wait on God by
1. Spending time with Him in worship, devotion and prayer to know Him more and hear from Him.
2. Looking for what He wants and serving Him and others.
3. Taking His instructions seriously and acting on them.
4. Believing in Him that nothing can prevent Him from turning your situation around and fulfilling His perfect plan for your life.
As we wait on God, He revives us and renews our strength, so we rise above our circumstances. We begin to soar, not like chicken that cannot fly high, but like an eagle which flies high above the earthly situations, problems, confusion, battles, and struggles.
Like eagles, we soar high
1. Spiritually: move from being religious to becoming devoted followers of Christ, sharing the gospel with others and winning souls for God, walking in righteousness, loving and caring for others, dominating over the forces of darkness, and overcoming satanic attacks.
2. Physically: walking in healing and good health, having a sound mind, soaring above pain and frustration, and being whole in every part of our body.
3. Socially: flourishing marriages, children, families, relationships and divine favor that connects us with destiny helpers.
3. Financially: prospering in our businesses, projects, work, with new opportunities daily to prosper financially.
As we wait on God, we shall never get tired of praying, praising and worshipping God, studying and obeying God’s Word, loving and caring for others, living righteous and holy lives, and impacting many people around us.
After waiting in fasting and prayers for 21 days, may we all experience a mighty revival and renewal that will empower us to soar high above the plans of the enemy, into endless victory, success, growth, health and healing, joy, peace, love and unity, for maximum impact in 2020. Blessings!