Love: The Motivation For Maximum Impact

Luke 7:1-10

God’s vision for us this year is that He will empower us through faith, hope, and love to make maximum impact. Apostle Paul commended the Thessalonians for their work produced by faith, their labor motivated by love, and their endurance inspired by hope in Christ (1Thess.1:3). Faith, hope and are key elements in our ability to impact many lives, but the greatest is love (1Cor.13:13).
Love is the greatest because without being motivated by love, all our talk, gifts of prophecy, knowledge and faith, and all our giving, will come to nothing (1Cor.13:1-3).
In our passage, a Roman soldier (centurion) was motivated by love for God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s church to build a synagogue for Jews where they could gather to study God’s Word, pray and worship God (Luke 7:5).
When we’re motivated by love, we can build a house for God where people can come and pray, worship and study God’s Word to know Christ, grow in Him, and be transformed by His power. This is how we can impact more lives in our community. We build God’s house through prayer, love, unity, giving, and building each other with our gifts, encouragement, good counsel, praying for and serving others selflessly. Because Christ is building His church, we can either become His divine instruments to build a strong church, or agents of the devil to attack the church. Bible says we should not give the devil that chance (Eph.4:27).
When we build God’s house, we may not feel the benefit immediately, except for the personal fulfilment that we’ve done something for God. But like the centurion, a time may come someone dear to us like a parent, child, friend, or something like a marriage, business, relationship has an urgent need that no one but God can meet. That is when our labor of love will speak for us. Jesus who sees your heart and sits at God’s right hand praying for you (Rom.8:34), will tell the Father you deserve that miracle of healing, deliverance, victory, success, money or something you urgently need. Then He will speak into your situation or send His angels to bring your answer. The sick and dying body, cell or organ, dream, hope, marriage, child, spouse will live again by the power of God’s Word.
If everything we do is motivated by love, not only will we be healed and delivered, God will give us new opportunities and open new doors that no man can shut, so we can make maximum impact, as He did for the church of brotherly love (Philadelphia – Rev. 3:7-8).
May God release His love in your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit to motivate you to build His church. May God speak to every sickness, trial, struggle, pain, need, and deliver you from its power. May He usher you into a new season of healing, victory and success and make your testimony and impact great. Blessings!