Persist in Love and Good works- Jehovah sees!

Matthew 26: 6-10

It’s too costly to stop loving God. The promises of God are yeh and Amen! I Cor. 2:9, Rom. 8:28 both texts has a caveat, “ those who love God.” But the truth is that we cannot claim to love God when we don’t love our neighbors. I John 4: 7-8.
We must also persist in good works. Jesus rebuked his disciples for troubling the woman who poured the costly fragrant of alabaster oil on his heard. He commended the woman for doing a good work for him (Jesus). The woman did an act that was Divinely orchestrated. Jesus knew exactly the significance of the pouring of the oil, but his disciples who were with him didn’t. It’s not all our good works would be understood or appreciated by men. But a book is being kept for the day of remembrance.
Our theme for this year is “our year of maximum Impact.” The context of maximum impact is about how we as individuals and church allows the Holy Spirit to impact us. The power that raised Jesus from the grave is able to impact us to do the impossible. We need to be sensitive to the nudging of the Holy Spirit
In the book of Esther chapter 1- we saw how God divinely orchestrated Esther to become a Queen. If we look back, we can all see how far we have come and our current status as divinely ordered. It is definitely to serve God’s purposes.
Esther 2- Esther was crowned a Queen and Mordecai discovers a plot by 2 Eunuchs to assassinate the King Ahasuerus. A book was opened to record mordecai’s good work.
In chapter 3 Haman Agagite was promoted and plans to annihilate the Jews. But when Mordecai knew about the plot, he went to ask for Esther, the Queen’s help to save his people. Esther explains in honesty why she couldn’t help. But Mordecai cautioned Esther. Chapter 4:13-14. Who knows if we are all brought to WOLBC for a time like this. Make your impact be felt. Help someone who is down to get up. We must endeavor not to fail God.
When your time comes for your book of good works to be opened, the king cannot sleep until your you receive your rewards. Esther 6:1-12.
We must always remember that Satan and it’s agents knows that we ( God’s children) are winners. Esther 6:13-14.
Finally, we ought to stay our grounds after our books of blessings are opened. Don’t leave where you found your blessings. Esther 6:12
May the Holy Spirit help us to love genuinely and do good works. Amen!