The Pathway To Glory

Romans 5:1-5

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ represents His glorification at the end of His life and ministry on earth. Glory is the height of prosperity or achievement, marked by magnificience or great beauty, something we all want to achieve in all areas of our lives. However, there are two pathways to glory.

1. One leads to human glory, which is vanity. Jesus describes it as a broad way that leads to a destructive end (Matt.7:13). It’s a way that seems right but the end is death (Prov.14:12).
2. The second pathway is narrow and difficult, but leads to life and God’s glory (Matt.7:14).

All who hope in the glory of God also rejoice when going through tribulations, because they are able to persevere, build godly character and receive the fulfillment of their hope of glory (Rom.5:2-5). That was the pathway Jesus chose, persevering through betrayal, beating, crucifixion, and death, and in the end, He was crowned with glory and honor (Heb.2:9). Jesus shows us the way that leads to God’s glory.
1. First is to set our hope in the glory of God (Rom.5:2), not on human glory.
2. Then look to Jesus, who, because of the joy of God’s glory set before Him, endured the cross and was glorified (Heb.12:2).
3. In following Christ’s example,
a. We put our personal reputation aside and fulfill God’s purpose for our lives (Phil.2:7).
b. We humble ourselves before God (v.😎.
c. We are obedient to God even when it hurts (v.😎.
d. We surrender to God’s will and receive strength to persevere in our trials and difficult situations (Luke 22:41-43). In the end, we are crowned with God’s glory.

Examples who chose Christ’s pathway, and were not disappointed include
1. Joseph who endured shame and pain of prison for doing what pleased God. God remembered him and brought him out to glory in Egypt.
2. Zechariah and Elizabeth were fully righteous and served God. In the end God answered their prayer for a child.
3. Job refused to curse God and die. Rather, he endured pain, but in the end God restored to him double for everything he lost.
4. Hannah gave her only son to God’s service in fulfillment of her vow, but God gave her back five more children.
5. Noah lived a righteous life even though the whole world lived in sin. He obeyed God and built an ark. God destroyed the world with flood, but remembered Noah and his family.

You may be going through tribulations and difficulties right now, but don’t give up. Keep your eyes on God’s glory that you’ll gain in the end, and receive God’s strength to persevere, build a godly character and see your your hope fulfilled in the end. God’s glory will be greater than
all the difficulties you endured along the way (Rom. 8:18).

You will never be disappointed for putting your hope in God. He will be glorified through your testimony of His healing, deliverance, protection, success, victory, and breakthrough. You will not miss your crown of glory. Shalom!