From Prayer to Praise

Matthew 21:1-9

As we celebrate the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, God’s Word reminds us of the significance of Hosanna!

The word Hosanna comes from the Hebrew word _Hoshiana_ , which means “save now” found in Psalm 118:25. It was a plea or cry for help when no one else could help, like a drowning man crying for rescue.

If there is any time to cry for help, it would be in this COVID-19 crisis, when no one has the ability to stop it. In addition to the pandemic, many are going through crises in their health, marriages and families, finances and businesses, ministries and churches, that seem to defy solutions. Only a prayer, plea or cry to God can bring the needed solutions.

In Psalm 118, the people cried to God because

1. He hears and answers prayer (v.5).

2. He is on their side, so they turned fear into faith in Him (v.6-7).

3. They trusted in God and put their confidence in Him instead of man (v.8-9). God was at center of their lives as Ps.118:8 is said to be the central verse in the Bible.

4. They were in expectation of the blessed One who was coming to deliver them (v.26).
The above reasons can help us to also cry to the Lord in this pandemic, and any difficult situation in which we find ourselves.

In the fullness of time God sent the Messiah they were expecting. When we cry for healing, deliverance, peace, prosperity, success, anointing, wisdom, etc, God gives us Jesus. He is the answer to every prayer, and in Him all God’s promises are yes and Amen!

When Jesus came, the people saw all His good works, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, delivering those under demonic and satanic oppression, and raising the dead (Acts 10:38). So as they followed Jesus to Jerusalem, their Hosanna was not a cry for help, but a joyful shout of praise and gratitude to God for sending the Messiah, the Son of David, and for all the mighty works they had seen (Luke 19:37-38).

Today, God’s Word reminds us to keep crying for Him to stop the corona virus, heal the sick, protect us and our families, especially our health workers on the frontline, intervene in our marriages, turn the wayward in our families to Himself, prosper our work and businesses, give us success in our studies and projects. As we pray with faith, trust, confidence in God, He will answer. Then our prayers will turn into joyful shouts of praise, as we experience God’s mighty works, miracles, healing, deliverance, favor, open doors, peace, and prosperity.

We are also reminded that our Lord Jesus who rode on a donkey to Jerusalem, will soon return on earth as King, riding on a horse, with the angels and the shout of trumpets. He will not come to die again but to judge those who rejected Him, and to take those who received Him, loved and served Him faithfully to our heavenly home, where we’ll praise God forever.

May your cry to Almighty God for help, healing, salvation, protection, provision, deliverance and success turn to joyful praise, adoration, and thanksgiving to God. He is on your side and His ears are open to your cry. He will bring you out of your trouble, sickness, barenness, singlehood, failure, demonic attacks, and give you a new song of victory and praise. Many will hear your testimony and praise, fear God, and put their trust in Him. Your praise will impact many lives for Christ. Hosanna in the Highest!!!