Discover the Power of the Resurrection

Mark 16:1-7

The resurrection of Christ from the dead is the very foundation of Christianity (1Cor.15:12-14). It sets Christ and all who believe in Him apart from every prophet, guru, or religion.
As we celebrate this glorious day, we need to discover the power behind the resurrection and how it can impact our lives.
In our passage, three women on their way to anoint Jesus’ body in the tomb were worried about how they were going to roll the stone away. This was because the stone was very large (v.4), sealed to the tomb, and soldiers placed there to guard it (Mt.27:66). Many times our troubles and problems look exactly like that: big, formidable, and well guarded by demons and other satanic powers, giving us fear, worry, and anxiety. But by the power of the resurrection, we can overcome them because God’s power is greater and stronger than every problem and the power behind it. I would like to share three ways by which we can discover this power:

1. *By faith in God’s Word.* Many Old Testament passages and Jesus’s own words showed that Christ would suffer and die, but will rise again (eg. Ps.16:9-10 and Mt.20:18-19). Yet the disciples didn’t remember nor believe the last part. This resulted in worrying, weeping, and mourning, even when Christ had already risen (Mk.16:10-11). Whatever God promises in His Word to do, He has the power to do it. So by faith in God’s Word, we can discover His power to heal our sicknesses, fight our battles, provide for us, protect and deliver us from evil, make a way for us, give us success, and even raise dead lives, dreams and potentials back to life. So more than ever, this is the time to feed our faith by studying and meditating on God’s Word.

2. *By the power of the Holy Spirit.* The women needed the stone removed before they could go into the tomb, but Jesus did not need that to rise from the dead and come out. The power of the Holy Spirit raised Him up and brought Him out (Rom.8:11), in spite of the large stone, the seal and the guards. He could even enter the place where the disciples were gathered without going through the door (John 20:19,26). No matter the spiritual, physical, and human barriers and limitations that have been placed in your life, womb, studies, marriage, business, or ministry, you will prevail over them through the power of the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus did. So do not grieve the Holy Spirit, but let Him fill you and release God’s power in you to overcome any power sitting on your miracle.

3. *By committing everything into God’s hands.* Just before He died, Jesus committed His spirit into God’s hands (Luke 23:46). So even though He died and was burried, His spirit was alive with God. On the third day the Holy Spirit restored life to Christ’s dead body and He resurrected. If by faith in God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit we commit everything that concerns us to the Lord in prayer, God will respond by releasing His power to meet that need. You will never be ashamed for entrusting your problem, need or battle into God’s hands (2Tim.1:12). The God who did not abandon Jesus in the grave will not leave nor forsake you in your problem.

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, be assured that the same power that raised Him from the dead is available to you as a child of God (Eph.1:18-21). Discover the resurrection power by faith in God’s promises, the Holy Spirit, and prayer, and you will prevail. Then you will also be ushered into a glorious victory and celebration. Your day is coming because Christ is risen indeed!