Perfected By Obedience

John 2:1-11
We end our series on the season of perfection, turnaround, and restoration with a lesson on how God perfects all that concerns us (Ps.138:8).
To perfect something is to bring it to its final form or to complete/finish it. Perfection also means making something flawless, faultless, or without blemish. Whether you’re stuck in any area of your life or have flaws that are causing you pain, shame, or humiliation, God has the power to perfect them. Our passage tells us that obedience to God’s Word will activate the perfection.
1. *Invite Jesus* (v.2). Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. When God’s presence is with us, we can be assured of the solution to any problem we may encounter (Ps.23:4).
2. *Share your concern with Him in prayer* (v.3-4). When they ran out of wine, Mary shared her concern with Jesus. You may have ran out of strength, joy, peace, love, help, ideas, opportunities, money or resources causing you shame, pain, or embarrassment. Jesus is the only one who can help you. Even if it seems impossible, He still works miracles.
3. *Whatever He says to you, do it* (v.5). Mary’s advice to the servants is the best one for all of us. Our obedience to God’s instructions is an act of faith, worship, trust, and humility. Sometimes the instructions may be demanding, time consuming, defy common sense or natural laws. But if we put away pride, fear, and doubt, and by faith obey Christ, He rewards our obedience.
4. *Complete obedience to divine authority and commands connects us to the supernatural* (v.7-10). The servants filled the six waterpots (120 to 180 gallons) to the brim and served it, as Jesus commanded them. The miracle wine tasted much better. A few more examples: the ten lepers were healed on their way to the priest (Luke 17:14), the walls of Jericho fell down when the Israelites marched around it and shouted (Josh.6:20), Naaman was healed of his leprosy when he dipped himself seven times in the Jordan (2Kgs.5:14), Job received double restoration when he prayed for his friends (Job 42:10). They all received their miracles through obedience.
Maybe all you have are empty pots, but if you obey Christ and fill them with water, He will turn it into wine. By His miracle-working power, He will turn your lack into abundance, your sickness into health and healing, your bitter situation into a sweet one, your shame into honor, your failure into success, your sadness into joy, and your defeat into victory. Just do whatever He tells you to do, and He will perfect your concerns. Shalom!