The Pleasure of the Lord: Our Restoration.

Jeremiah 33:1-11
To be restored means to be reinstated to the original condition, made new, or repaired. I would like to share three things about our restoration by God.
1. *Our need for restoration.* God created us in His image and blessed us to be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth, have dominion over all living things (Gen.1:27-28), have fellowship with Him (Gen.2:7, 3:8), and obey His commands (Gen.2:16-17). However, man disobeyed God and became separated from Him (Gen.3:24). Our sin and spiritual death resulted in wars, sicknesses and diseases, curses, poverty, broken homes and relationships, making us miserable, wretched, and unfruitful, far from God’s original intent for creating us. Thus, we were badly in need of restoration to our original condition, and repair of our broken lives.
2. *God’s promise of restoration.* God had a plan to restore man to Himself through Christ. He chose Abraham and his descendants as the people through whom Christ would come, and the process of that restoration. Israel sinned by disobeying God’s commands (Ex.20:1-17), despite persistent warnings through God’s prophets. As a result, God allowed nations like Assyria and Babylon to conquer them and take them into exile. The Israelites suffered pain, devastation, and misery. But, God promised restoration through prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Joel. The restoration was
A. *Spiritual* : as they repented and returned to the Lord, He promised to forgive and cleanse them from their sin (Jer.33:8), and to give them a new heart and a new spirit to obey Him (Ezek.36:26-27).
B. *Physical and emotional* : healing, good health, abundant peace and truth (Jer.33:6).
C. *Economic* : goodness and prosperity (Jer.33:9b; Joel 2:19, 24-26).
D. *Social* : marriages, joyous praise and fellowship in God’s house (Jer.33:11), restoration of parents and children to one another (Mal.4:6).
3. *God’s fulfillment of the promise of restoration* . God told Jeremiah that the fulfillment of His promise would bring Him joy, praise, and honor (Jer 33:9a). It was God’s pleasure to restore the nation of Israel and the whole world to Himself. That pleasure was fulfilled in Christ. It pleased God to bruise Jesus, put Him to grief, and make Him an offering for our sin (Isa.53:10-11). Through Christ’s sacrifice, all who believe in Him are restored into fellowship with God. Our sins are forgiven and washed in His blood. He gives us a new heart and a new Spirit to overcome the flesh and obey His commands. By His stripes we are healed and restored to good health. His body was broken for us, so that everything that is broken in our lives is made whole. We are restored to our original condition of blessedness, fruitfulness, flourishing marriages, children, ministries, businesses, peace, joy, and abundant life.
May you experience restoration and repair of everything that is broken in your life: your health, marriage, finances, relationships, projects or ministry. May Christ restore everything the devil has stolen, killed or destroyed in your life, deliver you from every power of the devil, and give you victory and good success. God’s pleasure will be fulfilled in you as you put your faith in Christ. Shalom!