The Set Time Has Come!

Psalm 102:1-13
There is an appointed season or time for the fulfillment of every purpose (Eccl.3:1). The set time to birth a baby is the ninth month. Any other month can bring complications. This ninth month, God says it’s the set time for birthing your miracle. God planted this miracle seed in you in the beginning of the year.
However, the set time to bring forth also brings pain, anxiety, and distress (John 16:21). In our passage, the psalmist expressed similar pain, distress, groaning, and reproach from enemies (v.3-11). But he trusted that God’s plan and purpose would endure and not be aborted (v.12). So, he cried to the Lord (v.1-2), believing that He will arise with zeal, and by His mercy and grace, answer him because the set time for his miracle had come.
When God arises at the set time, things happen:
1. He scatters the enemies of His plan and purpose for your life (Ps.68:1).
2. God fulfills His promise as He did for Abraham and Sarah, no matter how long it took to be fulfilled (Gen.18:14, 21:2).
3. You will step into the fulfillment of your destiny. Moses was destined to deliver Israel from Egypt. When he tried doing it before the appointed time, he failed. But, at 80 years God showed up in a burning bush and sent him to fulfill that destiny (Ex.3:10).
4. Like Joseph, you will move from your small prison cell to your big palace, no matter the distress you have been through. Your shameful and painful prison clothes will be exchanged for a royal robe of glory and honor (Gen.41:41-42).
5. Your healing miracle will be birthed. A man layed at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years (Jn.5:1-9), and a woman had suffered blood flow for 12 years (Mark 5:25-34). At the appointed time Jesus showed up and healed them miraculously.
God’s plan and purpose for your dream, destiny, healing, deliverance, victory, promotion, breakthrough is set for an appointed time (Hab.2:3). As you cry to Him in expectation, may He arise and make all things beautiful for you because the set time has come (Eccl.3:11). Shalom!