As Soon As Zion Travailed …

Isaiah 66:7-11
A very important step in birthing our miracles is travailing in prayer. Just like a woman in labor, travailing prayer engages all our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energy. By faith we lay hold of God’s grace and power to bring forth our blessings. Today, I would like to share seven of these blessings:
1. *God’s promises are fulfilled* (1Kings 18:41-45). God had promised to send rain after three years of drought (v.1). Elijah travailed in prayer by bowing down on the ground and putting his face between his knees (v.42), the sign of a woman laboring to give birth. As he persevered in prayer, heavy rains came down just as God had promised (v.45).
2. *Obstacles and hindrances are removed and answers to prayer are released* (Daniel 10:2-13). Daniel travailed in prayer for 21 days (v.2-3). As he persevered, the answer was released on the 24th day after it had been rescued from obstruction by the prince of Persia (v.12-13).
3. *Barenness gives way to fruitfulness* (1Sam.1:10). Hannah travailed in prayer because of her barenness. God opened her womb and she conceived and gave birth to Samuel and 5 other children (1Sam.2:21).
4. *The dead comes back to life* (John 11:33-44). Jesus travailed through groaning in the spirit. Power was released to bring Lazarus from death to life.
5. *Strength to fulfill your God-given task* (Luke 22:41-44). Jesus travailed in prayer until His sweat became like drops of blood in submission to God’s will. God sent an angel to strengthen Him. He went in that strength all the way to the cross to die for us.
6. *Names are changed to reflect divine destiny* (Gen.32:22-28). Jacob wrestled all night in prayer and was blessed with a change of name, favor, and reconciliation with his brother Esau.
7. *Victory over the plots of the enemy* (Esther 4:15-16). Esther and the Jews travailed in 3 days of fasting and prayer. God granted her favor before the king, victory over Haman who had plotted to kill all Jews in Persia, and advancement for her uncle Mordecai.
As you persevere in travailing prayer, may God release power from heaven to fulfill His promises in your life, release the answers to your prayers, turn your barenness into fruitfulness, bring everything dead in you back to life, give you strength to fulfill your divine purpose, change your name to reflect God’s blessings on your life, and give you favor and victory over your enemies. May you have the testimony that as soon as you travailed, you brought forth your miracle. Shalom!