Mighty Men of God!

1Chronicles 11:10-19

We thank God for our Men’s ministry. As we celebrate our men today, we can learn and apply a few lessons from David’s mighty men in our lives and ministry.
These mighty men were strong, bold, and courageous. They were strengthened through their devotion to God and His Word (v.10), just like their master David. We need to be spiritually strong in order to impact the church and our community. We develop spiritual strength by building up our faith through studying and obeying God’s Word, prayer, worship, praise, and strong fellowship with each other, all with the help of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual strength then overflows into our body and souls and releases the physical, emotional, and mental strength to do mighty exploits for the Lord (Dan.11:32).
By that strength, these mighty men were able to:
1. Take personal responsibility to fight against the enemies of Israel (v.11). Strong men engage in spiritual warfare through which God gives victories to the church.
2. Stand and face the enemy when others flee (v.12-14). Strong men boldly take up challenges or tasks that others run away from. That’s the only way God’s work gets done.
3. Risk their lives to serve and please God and their king (v.16-19). Strong men are able to put their own interests aside and even their lives on the line to achieve success and victory for the church.
4. Win a name for themselves by their exploits (v.20, 24). Strong men don’t achieve fame through selfish and deceptive means, but by genuine and courageous actions that impact the lives of others.
David’s mighty men were instrumental in his successes and victories as king. The success and growth of our church and God’s Kingdom will depend on strong and mighty men, women, youth and children who know God and are devoted to Him. May God’s power rest on you as you stand up to be counted among the mighty. You’re blessed to be a blessing. Shalom!