Positive Influence Produces Maximum Impact

2 Chronicles 34:1-8

We thank God for the blessing of children, and for the privilege of positively influencing them to make maximum impact in this world. The impact they make is not reserved for a distant future, because God’s plan for their lives does not have any age limits. Josiah became king of Judah at 8 years (David and Jeremiah were teenagers when God chose them as king and prophet respectively).
King Josiah made a strong impact on the nation of Judah because he had people who positively influenced him to seek the Lord when he was 16 years (v.3). These influencers included Hilkiah the high priest, Shaphan the scribe, prophets Jeremiah (son of Hilkiah) and Zephaniah, as well as his great grandfathers David and Hezekiah. Though Josiah grew up at a time Judah was ungodly and corrupt, these prophets, priests, and teachers helped him seek the Lord, know God’s Word, and commit himself to obedience to the Word.
As a result of the positive influence, he was empowered to
1. Lead the destruction of idolatry and corruption in the nation (v.3-7).
2. Rebuild the house of God as a center of worship for the nation (v.ūüėé.
3. Lead the people to commit to God’s Word and renew their covenant relationship with God (v.29-32).
4. Pursue justice and righteous judgment for the poor and needy (Jer.22:15-16).
Indeed, Josiah stood out among all the kings of Israel in his commitment to God (2Kings 23:25).
As parents, family members, pastors and teachers, we all need to positively influence our children and youth to empower them to destroy the vices of idolatry, immorality, ignorance, poverty, racism and tribalism, repair what is broken in the church and the society, and turn people’s hearts toward God and build a covenant relationship with Him. May God bless our youth and children’s teachers and all of us as families and church members to help our children fulfill their divine destiny and make maximum impact in the church and the world. Shalom!